Elder Mediation

elder mediation When older adults face major transitions in which their adult children may be involved, it can be a time of tension and conflict. Unresolved family issues may make communication difficult and interfere with critical decisions concerning the health and safety of an aging family member.  Diminished capacity of the older family member may also pose obstacles. Elder Mediation is an option to assist families in making vital decisions and in keeping the channels of communication open between parents and children and between the siblings. In mediation, people discuss issues privately in a cooperative manner. The process is voluntary, confidential and empowers participants to come to their own solutions. The role of the mediator, a highly trained conflict resolution specialist, is to facilitate the discussion so that every party is heard. In addition to assisting families to create their own solutions to disagreements, a skilled mediator can help family members to develop a communication plan for the future. In talking matters out, litigation can be averted and relationships may be preserved or, possibly, improved.  In addition, the entire decision-making process can often be handled in a more productive and cost-effective manner.
  • Medical care
  • Living arrangements
  • Healthcare proxy
  • Power-of-attorney
  • Care giving arrangements
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