The Single Parent Life

The-Single-Parent-LifeBeing a single parent can be challenging, but it can also be  rewarding.  Whether you chose to have a child as a single adult or found yourself in the situation following a series of unexpected events you should know that you’re not alone (though it may feel that way at times).  Support groups are available to meet with others in similar situations.  They can be a helpful source for friendship and advice.  Also, family members and friends can be extremely helpful when raising a child by yourself.  Having a strong support system around you will benefit both you and your child(ren).  If others you trust are offering to help out, let them.  Trying to juggle everything by yourself can be taxing and accepting a helping hand may provide just the relief you need.  Additionally, it can be an opportunity to provide your child with a healthy role model from the opposite sex.
If you find yourself bogged down with the emotional and financial stress of being a single parent try to take some time out and reflect on a few positives in your situation.  Make time for yourself, perhaps after the kids are in bed, and do something just for you (like reading a book or chatting on the phone with an old friend).  Chances are you’ll feel more refreshed and ready to handle the day to day challenges that come your way.

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