Developing A Mentality For Motivation

motivationStaying motivated through the completion of a task can be incredibly challenging.  That’s true whether you’re trying to lose ten pounds, complete a project at work, finish your spring cleaning at home, or are trying to increase your overall positivity.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take towards creating a mindset that will help you maintain your motivation.
First, it’s important to remember why you’re doing whatever you’re doing.  What’s the reward?  Perhaps it’s an external motivator such as a paycheck.  Or, maybe it’s the internal reward that comes with a sense of accomplishment.  Your confidence and self-esteem can receive a boost when you learn a new skill or complete a task.  Knowing that you are one step closer to your big picture goal can be a motivator in itself.  Whatever the reward is – try to keep it in mind (especially in those moments when your motivation seems to dwindle).
Once you have a clear picture of your overall goal and the motivating factors, you can begin to break the goal down into smaller goals with specific objectives.  One of the easiest traps for losing motivation is setting goals that are too lofty.  If you continually fail to complete your goals it’s probably a good time to look at them again and make some adjustments.  Create realistic goals that will set you up for success.  Again, the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving even a small goal can help boost your confidence and motivation.
Also, try to keep things interesting or fun as much as you can.  If you are able to find some enjoyment, even if small, it will help you to maintain your motivation.  Think about ways you can make the task enjoyable.  If things are becoming dull and mundane try to switch them up. Recruit others if you need to.
Finally, remember to take a step back every once in a while to see how far you’ve come.  Recognizing your progress is critical to staying motivated.  It diminishes the often daunting mountains we envision ahead of us making them manageable hills.  Remind yourself you’ve made significant strides and can be successful!

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