Spirituality and Marriage

Chances are the subject of spirituality has already come up if you’re in the middle of planning a wedding.  You and your fiancee´have probably discussed what, if any, religious elements will be included in your ceremony.  Having an open dialogue about spirituality is important not only for the wedding, but for your marriage.
How would you define your basic beliefs and doctrines?  What about your partner?  How important is religion or spirituality to you?  Your partner?  Do you follow an organized religion or do you take an individual path to spirituality?  Are there certain rituals, customs, or holidays you observe?  Is your partner on the same page?  If not, will you be able to respect each others different views?  Is prayer an important part of you or your partner’s life?   Do you plan to worship in a specific place?  Will you expect your partner to attend with you?  If you have children do you envision faith and spirituality being a part of their lives?  If so, how?  Does your partner agree?
No matter where you are on the spectrum of spirituality it’s important to discuss your views with your fiancee´.  Try to actively listen as you allow him or her the same opportunity.
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