Let's Talk About Sex…

Any premarital series would be remiss without discussing sex.  It’s a vital part of marriage. Regardless of whether you and your partner have been sexually involved with each other for years or have remained abstinent – a professional may help shed light on areas you haven’t even thought about discussing.  Are you able to communicate openly with your partner about sexual needs and wants?  Is your partner?  Take a look at some of the discussion topics below which are frequently used in premarital counseling.
– Desired frequency of sexual intercourse
– Preferred sexual positions
– Feelings about marital aids such as erotic films and sexual toys
– Sexually unusual behavior
– Sexual handicaps
– Sexual preferences
– Specific behaviors that turn you and your partner on
– Personal definitions for intimacy
Have you discussed each of these topics with your partner?  What do you do if you have different opinions about them?  What if your opinions change?  As with most things, it’s best not to assume you know how your fiance feels about an issue.  Premarital counseling gives you the opportunity to dialogue about intimate issues in a safe environment.

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