Managing the Holidays in a Blended Family

Blending a family can feel like putting pieces of a puzzle together.  Holidays-in-a-Blended-FamilySometimes it may feel like the pieces don’t fit.  This can be especially true at the holidays.  It can be stressful for children, young and old alike, to maneuver through the holiday season between multiple families.
Many find it helpful to communicate clearly with the children what the plans and expectations are.  Knowing the schedule ahead of time may allow the kids to prepare for what’s ahead.  With that said, they may need some flexibility.  Allowing the children the opportunity to openly share their feelings may help to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, or even resentment.
During the dialogue the children may also express their hopes for the holidays.  This may include the desire to maintain some old traditions or try some new ones.  Some families have found that lending open ears and an open mind to these suggestions go a long way towards letting the children know that their needs and opinions are important, too.



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