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Tips for Improving Your Sex Life

Feeling like your sex life needs a little pick-me-up?  You’re not alone.  Intimate relationships take work.  Sometimes day to day challenges get in the way of maintaining a healthy sex life.  Busy schedules, stress from work, exhaustion from dealing with the kids…just a few of the many road blocks on the way to the bedroom.  Here are a few tips to help heat things up again:
Communicate –   For many, feeling close begins long before a touch.  There needs to be communication between partners.  Make conversation a priority.  Schedule date nights, turn off the tv, shut down the laptop – talk.  Talking about a variety of subjects can help you to reconnect.  And don’t forget to talk about the sex.  Be open and honest about what you like or don’t like and what you fantasize about.
– Try New Things –  If you feel like your sex life is in a rut because it’s “the same old thing” every time then it may be time to try new things!  Explore one another and find new erogenous zones.  Try new positions.  Remember, it’s important to be honest with your partner about what you would and would not be open to.
– Synchronize – Synchronizing orgasms can intensify the experience for both partners.  If it usually takes one person longer than the other you may want to work on arousal beforehand so the timing can be right.  Also, communicating to your partner that you are about to climax may give them the opportunity to time it with yours.
– Get Healthy – Being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy can help improve your sex life.  Also, if there are physical problems hindering your intimacy, pain during intercourse for example, consult with a physician.
-Be Spontaneous…or Not – Most people like to picture sex as a burst of passionate spontaneity.  Sometimes it is.  Try to be open to those little opportunities throughout the day to be spontaneous.  But, if days turn into weeks and nothing has happened – consider scheduling sex.  While it may not sound as exciting, it may be just what you need to get things moving.
Any tips you’d like to add?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think.
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