Learning to Let Go of the Past

Learning-to-Let-Go-of-the-Past“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”  – Will Rogers
We all experience pain in life.  Suffering may come through losing a loved one, going through a divorce, losing a job, or enduring physical, mental, or emotional abuse.  We’ve all been hurt before one way or another.  Letting go of that pain can be incredibly difficult, but is key to ensuring it doesn’t continue to rob you of the joy you could be experiencing today.
Allowing the pain of the past to continue residing within only leads to destruction.  It can ruin relationships and cause physical ailments.  Living with significant anger can even result in self-destructive behaviors like addiction, eating disorders, and self mutilation.  Holding on to the past distracts from the current moment and the opportunity for present and future happiness.  Moving forward begins with letting go of the past and forgiving.  You can’t change the past or forget it, but you can choose to let go of the pain and anger and move forward.  Forgiveness puts you back in control.
This kind of forgiveness probably won’t happen overnight.  It will take effort.  As negative thoughts of the past bubble up you will have to consciously redirect your thoughts to the present.  Remind yourself of who you are today.  Recognize how far you’ve come.  Know that you are the only person with the power to take control of your life.  Be empowered – let go of your past and look ahead to the future.  You are now in charge!

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